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Public Relations is a crucial element in an organization’s overall marketing and communications function. It is the machine that builds a favorable reputation for individuals and organizations.  

PR professionals implement communication strategies to engage with publics across media platforms in order to build a favorable reputation in the public eye.

A great publicist will help you generate experience and a track record that establishes your professionalism and credibility in the marketplace. Integrity is one of the most important variables in publicist/client relationships. JNoS strives to employ these strong ethical and moral values while implementing state of the art strategies to set you brand apart from the rest. 

You can trust that your business, image and personal matters will be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion.  We specialize in:

Business Consulting, Public Relations, Employee Relations, Image Consulting, Project Management, Community Relations, Non Profits, Brand Management,  Web Design, Artist Development Event Production and more!

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